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“It was helpful, I enjoyed it. People were all very welcoming and understanding. ”

“I felt listened to and I did not feel judged. My feelings were always legitimate and I was never weird for having them. And, no issue was ever too small for you to deal with. That was the first part of my healing. Thanks to you, I felt less alone and less lost. Mindspace, I am glad you exist for me and people like me. I feel the 15-25 year old age group is so vulnerable. I love your FB page. It is very inspirational & hopeful. It invites me to think, every day and changes the way I am seeing the world in order to make me feel better and better. It helps to keep rewiring my brain and to continue my therapy long after my last session. Mindspace, you are the lighthouse in the middle of a stormy ocean during the darkest of nights. ”

“For me as a young person, I found it really good. I had to have further communication over the days between and after my bereavement of my Granny. I made it through the year, and returned to work and kept doing my volunteering and I completed three extra sessions of counselling. I have returned to college and am doing well and things are much better at home, and it has been easier to see things clearer and have no regrets, and Nikki and Craig were really good with me and the head space app helped. Thank you again and I am still very grateful. ”

“Thank you! You’ve changed me for the better!”

“‘Made it really easy to come and talk at any time that suited me. Thank you .’”

“‘I am so grateful for the time I was given at Mindspace. I can’t explain how much it’s helped me. Thank you'”

“Mindspace was a Godsend for my daughter. It gave her the unbiased support and structure to help her put her life in perspective again. Everyone- and I mean everyone is so friendly and encouraging and the whole atmosphere is welcoming and relaxing. I could not recommend Mindspace and the people involved in it highly enough :) ”

“It helped me a lot with my issues and I really appreciate the help”

“It was an amazing experience and it helped me with my difficulties so much. Thanks!”

“Mindspace has been very accomodating to me, which I appreciate. It's been a service available to me when others were not, at least immediately. ”

“Very good service that more people should use”

“It's an escape. Staff are lovely, and very supportive, don't judge and their conversations are comforting. I don't see improvements to be made, it feels like a loving family here.”

“I thought it was good as it listened to my needs and always asked me what  i thought”

“I think coming to Mindspace was a great idea. I would recommend it to everyone who is having problems. Going to Mindspace was a great experience- I feel so much better about myself”

“Mindspace met my problems and helped me through them.

“Fantastic and long overdue service for our young people.”

“I thought it was very helpful and definitely helped me.”

“I found it to be very helpful.”

“‘the open-mindedness of the workers made it really easy to be honest and open myself up’”

“It was really helpful, I couldn’t recommend it enough. Thank you.”

“‘Nothing that I can think of, overall positive experience. First name basis and coffee when entering is very welcoming.’”

“The staff were great, very helpful and were very welcoming to me.  I think Mindspace helped me a lot and I would be in a darker place if it wasn’t for Mindspace.”

“Could not ask for anything better as a service. Keep up the good work!”

“Excellent service, really helpful common sense approach and simple aids to solve problems. Very welcoming. No complaints at all.”

“'Thought it was brilliant and really helpful. Can't express how grateful I am for this service.'”

“'Everyone was helpful and friendly and I left every time feeling in a great mood.'”

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